Geography 560: Advanced Quantitative Analysis


Geography 560 (GEOG 560) is an advanced course in statistical methods and spatiotemporal data analysis covering techniques widely used in quantitative geography and Cartography/GIS. The primary emphasis is on data-driven predictive modeling, including multiple regression and extensions, geographically weighted regression, and categorical prediction. We also cover principal components analysis, (spatial) clustering, and computation-intensive analysis methods. In addition, we will introduce times series analysis and spatiotemporal statistical models if time permits. Moreover, this course utilizes R script programming tools to solve statistics and spatiotemporal analysis problems.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course modules, the student is expected to:

  • Understand statistical concepts, methods, and techniques
  • Be able to conduct various statistical analyses on geographic data
  • Be familiar with R script programming for (spatiotemporal) statistical analysis
  • Be able to solve practical problems using statistics and spatiotemporal analysis methods

Spring 2018 Syllabus